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Top Tips for Creating a Digital Out Of Home Advertising Campaign

Top Tips for Creating a Digital Out Of Home Advertising Campaign


So you’ve booked your first digital out of home advertising campaign, great! Now what?! With so many advertisements flooding consumers every day, it’s vital that any ad you design for your business is clear, concise and gets your message across. Need a little help? Take a look at our top tips for creating a wow-factor advert below:

Think about your objectives

What is it that you’re looking to achieve through your campaign? Is there a particular message you want to share about your products or services? Are you running a promotion currently? Do you want to attract a new audience? 

Defining your objectives is the starting point for any creative work. Without these, your design brief will be very loose and the output not what you expect. Be clear and thought out when putting your design brief together and talk through your instructions with your account manager or design studio ahead of them starting any work for you. That way, any questions can be answered and ironed out, streamlining the design process.

Timing is everything

When creating a video-based advert for outdoor media, 10 seconds is more than enough! Bear in mind that your audience may be walking by your ad location or even driving, so they have a minimal amount of time to take in your brand and what it is you’re promoting. Include all of the detail that you want consumers to remember, and make sure the fonts you use in your design are legible and big enough to read.

Make sure you have the correct brand assets to use

If your current branding is made up only of a logo, you need to think about what assets you’re going to use alongside it that best sit with your brand. What imagery will work well, do you have any imagery that you’ve generated yourself that you could use or will you be sourcing stock imagery or video to form part of your campaign? The best scenario for your advert designer is to give them a copy of your brand guidelines (if you have some!) along with any assets detailed within them. These could be fonts, colour palettes, imagery and messaging. Whether you have brand guidelines or not, being clear on these items will give you a much smoother design process, that’s in line with your brand and relevant to your target market.

We want your campaign to be the best it can be, so if you can ensure your brief and message are clear and your branding is on point, you won’t go far wrong. We’re pleased to be able to offer an in-house design service for both static and animated ad campaigns. If you would like more information, please get in touch with our team to discuss your brief today!