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Out of Home Digital Advertising for Christmas

Out of Home Digital Advertising for Christmas


It may still seem like it’s a long time away, but planning for your Christmas marketing campaign is paramount to its success. Consumers are already thinking about the festive period (it’s Summer, but we can assure you they are!), so there is no better time to start putting a creative, impactful digital out-of-home advertising campaign into action. Here’s why:

Consumers are outside

From food festivals to office parties, December is a time where consumers end up outdoors more than they would anticipate in Winter! So, there is a tonne of opportunity around when it comes to conversing with your audience during this celebratory month. 

What’s more, digital out of home advertising means that you can have your campaign programmed to run at a time when your target market is most likely to be around, making the probability of a successful campaign even more possible.

Think about recognised days

Digital out of home advertising is ideal for targeting campaigns on specific key dates, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Super Saturday in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Identifying well-known shopping days will help you strategise and decide where and when to place your advertising budget for maximum impact.

Talk to every type of shopper

Online shopping now makes up a quarter of Christmas retail, but our high-street typically sees a drastic increase in-store throughout December. This makes the festive period an ideal time to advertise out of home when consumers are in that all-important buying mode. 

If you also consider your shopper profiles; the last-minute buyer, the bargain hunter, the ‘I need some inspiration’ consumers, thinking about how, where and at what point your advertising campaign could be used to attract your target audience can really come into play in your creative.

From advertising at events to busy shopping centres, we can advise on the sorts of locations and creative that will make your Christmas advertising campaign truly sparkle. Talk to a member of our experienced team today about the options available and how we can help.