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About Us

Put your brand

As a team of highly experienced marketing/
advertising and LED professionals, we understand
the sheer power of digital out-of-home; a targeted
and highly visible advertising medium which
captivates and inspires consumers.

It’s our passion to provide cost-effective, impactful
digital OOH & LED advertising, which guarantees
results and a solid ROI.

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Easily capture

We’re committed to sourcing prime
advertising locations throughout
the country. By carefully analysing
demographics, our experienced
marketing team can match different
locations & events with brands who
share the same audience.

So whether it’s at a popular event, a
festival, an exhibition, a conference or
a high-footfall location, we’ll put your
brand in front of the right audience, at
the right time.


We pride ourselves on finding the
appropriate digital advertising space
for your brand and budget, combined
with seamless, no-nonsense service.

We’ll get the job done well and on
time, with 24/7 remote and on-site
support throughout the project. It’s
as simple as that!

LED screens

Do you host busy events or own a
popular attraction or venue? You can
build additional revenue streams through
hosting digital advertising on your site.

We’ll install and manage our LED screens
with 24/7 remote and on-site support
– every step is taken care of by the
Plainsight team!

install & advertising

Increase your brand awareness, captivate your
target audience and introduce your products and
services to new consumers with our LED screens.

We install and manage our screens in high-
profile locations and at thriving events across the
country, putting your brand in Plainsight.

digital advertising

Whether it’s at a sporting event or an outdoor
cinema, social activities are a fantastic
opportunity to reach your target market while
they’re in a happy, positive mindset.

digital advertising

When you go to a shopping centre or walk down
a busy shopping street, what do you intend to
do? Purchase products, of course. By advertising
in a popular retail destination, you can easily
inspire your target audience’s purchasing

digital advertising

Exhibitions, promotional events, product launches, live music
events, festivals, conferences and corporate events – the
opportunity to target specific markets by advertising on our
LED screens is endless.

Why advertise on PLAINSIGHT
digital LED screens

  • Dynamic, high-quality,
    screens which are
    guaranteed to grab
  • Capture new audiences
    and capitalise on
    impulse buyers.
  • Low maintenance,
    durable and suitable for
    all weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective and high
    ROI in comparison to
    other major advertising
  • Screens can be moved
    to different positions
    throughout venues/
    events to maximise
  • Endless content
    capabilities including
    video and live streaming.
  • Full remote control, so displays
    and messages can easily be
    altered depending on the time of
    day and/or location